Dreamweaver Extension: Change to French Quotes

Having worked on a number of bilingual sites, I often have to copy and paste French content from a Word document. One of the problems I've found is that the quotations don't get copied properly. This Command will change all occurrences of "some text" to «some text». It basically finds all occurrences of " and then alternates between replacing it with « and ».

Download "Change to French Quotes" Extension

Published November 04, 2003 · Updated September 17, 2005
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Karl Desjardins said on March 19, 2006

Hi, love the extension. But in french we have a space between the quote and the text: " Ze texte in French ". Is there a way this modify your extension ?

Thank you


Jonathan Snook said on March 19, 2006

If you understand how an extension works, you can certainly pick it apart and modify it to your needs.

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