Firebird is hot

I've been an IE fan since version 4 came out so many years ago. Netscape 4 was extremely buggy for me and just didn't feel as comfortable as IE. I've made sure to keep my eye on other browsers since like Opera and the Mozilla bunch. But again, it just didn't feel right. There seemed to be some feature that I loved to use in IE that just wasn't available elsewhere. Then Firebird came along. Still based on the Mozilla engine but it's just the browser this time (no e-mail or news reading) and I'm pleasantly surprised! This thing is fast and stable. And after trying mouse gestures in Opera, I was happy to find an extension for Firebird. I'm even enjoying the tabbed viewing.

But here's where it gets iffy. It seems to pick and choose when to open a new window and when to open a new tab. Opening links from the Windows address bar reuses a current window instead of creating a new window or new tab. I imagine this stuff is configurable but only by getting you hands dirty in the configuration files. The tab and new window rules should be an accesible option.

I've actually made the switch to Firebird as my default browser for now but if the tabbed browsing annoys me enough, I may end up taking the time to find a solution or switching back to IE.

Published September 24, 2003 · Updated September 17, 2005
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Jonathan Snook said on September 24, 2003

Like I said I would do, I took the time to find a solution. As it turns out, there's an extension called Tabbrowser Extensions which allows me to configure it perfectly. Yup, it looks like this is my new browser. Kudos to the development team!

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