Feed Subscriber Rates

17 Feb 2007

Google appears to be the new champ when it comes to feedreaders. Bloglines for a long time had been my number one feedreader. It got bumped off the block by Netvibes, although they've both held fairly steadily. However, with Google now broadcasting subscriber totals, it seems they have a 50% lead over either. Happy days for me as I'd been itching to hit the 5000 mark, only to wake up today to ...

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Add a Logo to your Feed

15 Oct 2006

Many complain that RSS and Atom have taken away the possibility to maintain your personal brand. For the most part, that's true. With so many people consuming content via RSS, I'm surprised anyone even knows who writes this stuff anymore. Many of the feed readers out there will snarf up your favicon, so at the very least, you should try to have one of those in place. You can also add a path to a...

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FeedBurner Konfabulator Widget

31 Aug 2005

Update: I've just added a quick addition. There's now a new icon next to the change id (aka search) icon. A click of the arrow icon should send you to the FeedBurner home page. Also, I've created a permanent page for the widget. All updates will be available there. On a request, I put together a really quick Konfabulator widget that displays your circulation number. This is v0.1 material, that's ...

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