How I Manage My Finances

February 10, 2016

Money is such a taboo topic but shouldn’t be. Money is, good or bad, a very important part of our daily lives. While I’ve had some rough times with money, through luck and hard work, I managed to get myself to a good place. There are, in my opinion, some very basic tenets to how I manage my finances. Increase Revenue Decrease Expenses Manage Cash Flow Increase Revenue There...

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Design Doubt

February 07, 2016

As a developer, rarely has my approach been put into question. If it works, it ships. The definition of “works” is usually well defined. Does it look like the design composition? When people click on the button, does it send the data where it needs to go? As a designer, rarely has my approach not been questioned. I can’t even count how many times I’ve heard “have you tested this with...

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February 06, 2016

I sometimes wonder if I’ve become too rigid with my time. Ask me if I want to go out some evening and chances are I’d have to say no. Between kids and travel, I didn’t really have the time to be spontaneous like that. Now that I’m not travelling as much, I’ve added the gym, guitar practice, and writing to my regular schedule. Most often, when I try to be spontaneous with friend...

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SMACSS Rewrite Progress

January 16, 2016

I feel like it’s been more than a year since I mentioned how I wanted to rewrite SMACSS. It’s been slow going, that’s for sure. Mostly because I hadn’t been spending time on it. Apparently, you need to actually write for a book to get written. As the ball dropped to kick off another new year, I decided to get serious about getting the book done. I’ve put together a more concrete outl...

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