Turning Fifty

June 01, 2024

I’ve never been big about celebrating my birthday. I’m not sure why. I don’t recall any childhood trauma around birthday parties. Whatever the reason, my birthdays have come and gone without much fanfare. Perhaps a quick visit to my mom’s where I would be treated to my favourite dessert: Betty Crocker Cherry Chip Cake with French Vanilla icing. Pure nostalgia from when she’d make it when...

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Big Boxes

May 06, 2024

Thirty years ago, I used to work at Toys’R’Us. I really enjoyed that job and sometimes consider returning to a life of stocking shelves. It’s become a bit cliché at this point to hear another tech bro wax on about how they’re going to quit and open a coffee shop, start woodworking, or become a janitor somewhere. This post isn’t that post. About once a week, an 18-wheeler would back ...

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Anonymity in Blogging

March 31, 2024

I had been considering whether to start up a personal newsletter. I subscribe to friends’ letters, in which they describe the various goings on in their life—family, house projects, travel, etc. As an email, it feels more intimate. Couldn’t what I say in an email also be said on the blog? Which led me to consider a number of things… With social media, we can see who follows us. ...

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Best of the Best

March 24, 2024

After finishing off the challenge of eating at 50 of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants before I turned 50, I turned to a couple smaller quests—one of which is to go to all of the Best of the Best restaurants. A few years back, 50 Best decided that once a restaurant hits the top of the list, it is no longer allowed to compete and is added to the Best of the Best list. There’s currently ...

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Shifting Identities

March 04, 2024

In a twist on my younger self, I saw a joke recently about what you’d tell your eight year old self. Which reminded me of my mom and her collection of bells. Anybody who knew my mom knew she collected bells and if they wanted to get her a present, it would be a bell. My mom’s collection was getting out of control and she soon told people to stop. We often associate topics or things or idea...

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Taking a risk

February 23, 2024

Back in 1999, I was working as a manager in a retail computer store selling and building PC hardware and software. On the side, my hobby was playing with the web—a nascent technology that had only been around for a few years and becoming increasingly popular. It took me awhile to clue in that there were people making careers with this thing that I was doing for fun. A light bulb went off and I r...

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My Younger Self

February 03, 2024

There’s an exercise where you ask yourself what you’d tell your younger self if you ever had the chance. My answer has been and continues to be that I wouldn’t tell my younger self anything. It would be nice to learn the hard lessons earlier but who’s to say I’d listen to my future self any better than I listened to my past self? Who’s to say there wouldn’t be other lessons or mi...

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Lenticular Photos

January 30, 2024

Growing up, I always loved those lenticular cards—ones that had two photos that transitioned as you rotated from side to side. Maybe it was a hockey player taking a shot or a superhero transforming from mild mannered day job to caped crusader. Since Apple released Live Photos, I’ve always felt like they could be used to create a similar effect and yet, no photo app that I’ve seen has imp...

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