Normalize Bootstrap Carousel Item Heights

August 02, 2018

In working on a Bootstrap-based client project, they needed the heights of all the items to be the same height, even though the content was of different heights. Bootstrap uses position:absolute to move the items. As such, techniques like flex and grid aren’t of much help here. The top result on Google as of this writing works but only on one carousel. In an attempt to rewrite the script...

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New York Public Library

July 20, 2018

Preventing Icon Wrap After Text

July 12, 2018

I’ve got text. I’ve got an icon at the end of the text. When the container shrinks, the icon wraps to the next line. That orphaned icon is kind of lonely. What if we could get the icon to bring a friend with it? (This felt like something that should be really easy and has been solved a million times before. And yet, I couldn’t find anything written up on this and, well, I needed it. So h...

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View Source

July 08, 2018

Tom Dale not so recently made a rather bold statement on the Twitters: “Can we agree that, in 2018, human-readable “View Source” is a constraint the web can discard? I benefitted from “View Source” too, but today we have an embarrassment of resources and open source examples I would have killed for as a kid.” — Tom Dale Dale wrote this in response to Frank C...

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Steve Jobs on Prototypes

July 02, 2018

I spent some time watching Steve Jobs talk about NeXT from 1992. He touched on a number of things, including his passion for a crazy new idea called object-oriented programming. It’s interesting to take a look at his insights. One thing that jumped out for me—and it’s right near the very end of the one hour and twelve minute video—is his view on prototypes. “We haven’...

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Notes on Font Stacks for CJK

July 02, 2018

Working on a client project, we needed a font stack that would work for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, (aka CJK) along with all the usual Latin locales. The client’s previous approach was to simply strip the entire font stack for CJK locales, letting the browser handle it. This meant a serif style. Times New Roman, you had your time to shine. In researching how others handle it, I notic...

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That Time I Tried to Get to LA

May 27, 2018

I’m supposed to be spending a week in Los Angeles. Instead, I’m getting thrown around a tin can in the sky. The original plan was to head out on Tuesday but I had a free day and decided to head out a day early. I normally have decent luck when it comes to travel but such is not the case this time. Almost immediately after changing the flight, I started getting notifications of weathe...

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Streets of San Francisco

April 30, 2018

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