Coding CSS for Context

February 10, 2017

Dave Rupert recently tweeted asking a question that I see quite often: .some-context .thing { /* special rules and overrides */ } Does that go in thing.css or some-context.css? Then, Harry Roberts discussed this concept further in his article of CSS Code Smells Revisited. Harry uses a practical example of .thing being a .button. (Well, actually, a .btn but whatever. And yes, I jus...

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Mixed Content and Responsive Images

January 24, 2017

I ran into a weird issue. Images weren’t loading for some reason on this project I was working on. And yet, on the old site, they loaded just fine. What was different? After some digging, I noticed that the images that weren’t loading were those defined using the <picture> element. Surely that’s not expected behaviour, is it? Turns out, it is. There’s a Mixed Content spec....

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On Platform Independence

November 08, 2016

As I explore running on Windows, I've been thinking about the apps and tools that I use. I went through a similar exercise when I dove into Android. I definitely felt that one's enjoyment of a platform might come to how much you're willing to embrace that company's entire ecosystem. Using all Apple products for close to 10 years now had meant that moving from device to device was relatively eff...

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Running into Windows

October 03, 2016

I enjoy exploring an ecosystem. Last year, I spent a month with an Android phone and tablet to see how they compared to iOS. Now, I'm going to try something similar by switching to Windows as my primary machine. Dave Rupert went through a similar exercise. Microsoft was kind enough to offer up a Surface Book for this experiment. When the Surface Book was announced, lots of people gave it very p...

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