December 13, 2017

Personal curation is one way in which we create good experiences. We choose how to use our time, choose the friends we have, and choose the things we collect. Feeling dispassionate about my experiences on Twitter, I decided to spend some time curating it. Like an overgrown garden, I needed to cut back the branches and pull out some weeds. I mute keywords. I mute some people. I turn off retwe...

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Calendar with CSS Grid

December 08, 2017

Laying out events on a calendar can be somewhat tricky. Many years ago, I had a client project where I needed to do a calendar similar to Google Calendar. I ended up using bitwise operators to figure out if there was room to put an event on a particular line. If there’s no room, it placed the event on the next available line. There’s a lot of looping involved just to place an event on th...

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Quiet Time

November 22, 2017

Unbelievably—at least, to me—I’ve been speaking at conferences for over 11 years now. I’m finding it difficult not to be self-congratulatory in recognizing that I’ve been doing it so long. I still remember my first talk at Webvisions. I had a full slide deck of JavaScript tidbits to cover. I don’t think I looked up from my computer once as I delivered my talk. I was nervous and...

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Smart Home

August 30, 2017

A couple months ago, I bought a new car. However, I realized after the purchase that the car didn’t have a built-in garage door opener like my old car had. The new car has Apple CarPlay. I tried to use Siri in the car to open the garage door but to no avail. To which, I thought, maybe I should by a HomeKit powered garage door opener! This idea opened the floodgates of research into the wo...

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