Go Abstract

December 03, 2018

As mentioned in my talking about feeling uneasy, I applied for a job. Thankfully, I got that job. As of today, I work for Abstract. I’m hopping on board as a front-end developer. The company is still small enough that I hope to make an impact beyond just code. One of the things that attracted me to Abstract was the similarities to Shopify when I first started working there. It is small...

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November 16, 2018

I never used to have imposter syndrome. I felt confident in what I knew and didn’t know. About three years ago, a series of events really made me question my abilities. Throw in some burnout and depression and I am still left feeling uneasy and unsure of myself. Those feelings have spilled into other things: I don’t write much about web development anymore. I stopped doing conference talks....

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The Codification of Design

September 28, 2018

There’s often a disconnect between the design comp and what the developers want to build. Designs feature elements that differ slightly (or grossly) from previous elements that have been designed. When this happens, developers have a conundrum. Do they (A) develop a pixel-perfect implementation of the design or (B) use existing patterns that differ from the design in front of them? ...

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Little Bird, Portland

September 13, 2018

I love Portland. It’s a lovely city filled with plenty of great food and definitely plenty of great coffee. Almost every morning is spent at a different coffee shop. Matthew sent me a link to Le Pigeon. Sadly, it had no availability while I was in town. On the upside, there are two sister restaurants, one of which is Little Bird. It was not only open, it had availability. With Foie Gras ...

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Petit Trois

September 01, 2018


August 28, 2018

Likely the last restaurant adventure on this L.A trip was to Majordomo—a David Chang restaurant. With all the cooking shows I’ve watched, I was excited to go here and excited to be able to book a reservation a month ago. Earlier today, in trying to track down a dress code—there really isn’t one except maybe “don’t look slovenly” but they still let me in and anyways—I came a...

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Mastro Steakhouse

August 27, 2018

Kitt, “the vegetarian”, was in the mood for meat. I’m certainly not going to pass up an opportunity like this. She looked up the best steakhouse in L.A. and Beverly Hills’ Mastro seemed to be the place. With A5 Wagyu listed on the menu, I was definitely in. Lucky for us, we were able to squeeze in a last minute reservation. The dress code required pants and collars, which meant gripes ...

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Felix Trattoria

August 26, 2018

Both of my boys, when asked where they’d like to go for our summer trip, simultaneously and without consulting the other, answered: “Los Angeles.” We were staying at an Airbnb near Venice Beach, which is also very close to a strip of hip places on Abbot Kinney Boulevard. I dubbed it Portland Avenue since it reminded me of the Oregonian city, including a Salt & Straw location. In r...

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