Photo Editing Workflow With Lightroom and Lightroom Mobile

June 05, 2017

From time to time, I like to take photos. (See Instagram and Flickr.) I have a couple phones and a couple DSLRs. Over the years, I’ve muddled my way through different processes and have struggled to find something that felt easy and effortless—especially when working across multiple devices like I do. In the past, I’d move all images off a device, into a big ol’ folder, sorted by date, ...

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Container Grids

April 24, 2017

There’s been a rumbling of people that want Container Queries—myself included. (Come see my talk this year... it’s all about container queries!) The idea behind container (née element) queries is that you specify that under certain conditions—most commonly, the width of a particular container—apply different CSS. The problem with container queries is that it opens up the window ...

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Template Technology Agnosticism

April 18, 2017

Brad Frost recently wrote about managing technology-agnostic design systems. In his post, he recommends using a technology that doesn’t tie itself to any specific framework. When I was at Yahoo!, we took a very similar approach. We knew we wanted to build out these components and be able to use them across multiple projects. And due to product acquisitions or teams deciding different stacks, ...

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Matias Wireless Keyboard

March 20, 2017

I don’t normally do product reviews but the Matias Wireless Keyboard looked like a great addition. The Matias keyboard has the same layout as the full wired Apple keyboard—with full-sized arrow keys and full number pad. But it’s wireless! The keyboard comes in colours to match your MacBook. In my case, I got the Gold. They've done a good job of matching the style. The keyboard tak...

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