About Jonathan Snook

I'm a web designer, developer, writer, speaker, sometimes angel investor, and hobbyist photographer. If you're curious about my work history, you can read more on LinkedIn.

From front-end work to hardcore server-side challenges, I share tips, tricks and bookmarks on snook.ca, along with other publications online and offline. I've co-authored two acclaimed books: Accelerated DOM Scripting with Ajax, APIs, and Libraries, and the approachable, widely-read The Art and Science of CSS.

I've also authored and self-published the book, Scalable and Modular Architecture for CSS, that was born out of what I learned and implemented during my time at Yahoo!.

About This Site

First and foremost, this site is a resource—for myself and the community. It's also my personal design and code playground, a place to experiment, and therefore, a site that is often in a state of flux.

Credit where credit is due

There are some very talented people that I would recommend in a heartbeat.

The lovely SVG illustration in the footer was done graciously by Anton Peck. A nice guy and a great illustrator to boot.

The fonts used on this site include Museo Sans 500 for header and footer, Playfair Display for headings, and PT Serif for body copy.

Behind the Scenes

This site was initially powered by Blogger but quickly grew beyond what Blogger could handle. The site moved to the more powerful MovableType where it stayed until version 3.2. It had been pretty stable with the latest spam filtering working rock-solid. Expanding beyond the basic blog capabilities had once again become limiting.

Enter CakePHP. For the most part, it has merely replicated what MovableType used to do, in that it's a fairly straightforward system of posts and comments (and even mimics the MT database format to some degree which made porting the data between the two systems fairly painless). Over the years, CakePHP was used to integrate with Delicious, Flickr, and Twitter but I've since removed those integrations for the sake of simplicity.


I retain all copyrights to the design, code and content on Snook.ca. I'll be really flattered that you were 'inspired' by anything I've created here but do try to be original. All original code examples displayed within a post on this site is for the public domain. Packaged code (usually in a ZIP format) will include its own copyright information. Code presented as samples or examples from third-party software still retain any owner's copyrights.