A reason to build sites progressively

Sometimes it's nice to see other developers build sites well enough that it works in your favour. In this particular example, I had to call my dentist to reschedule an appointment but the site was down. Now, I remember the site being Flash-based so I didn't hold out much hope that the Google cache would reveal anything special.

Luckily, they used JavaScript to replace real content on the page with a Flash video. A quick glance at the source uncovered the phone number I was looking for.

Too bad the rest of the code was a combination of table layouts and inline styles.

Published October 24, 2006
Categorized as Usability
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Ben said on October 24, 2006

Just goes to show that accessibility isn't a wasted effort.

Also, I note that this comment box and live preview are *seriously* slick.

Nate K said on October 24, 2006

This is a nice example of doing things right and making it easier for the end user. We have so many tools available, its all about using them in the right manner.

Lets just hope he's better at working with your teeth than he is at getting a completely workable website in place. he.

Ben (#3) said on October 24, 2006

Too true.. I find that somtimes the little things you do come back to bless you ;-)

Many times you can shortcut around accessibility and the client never know or care, but I get a certain satisfaction out of knowing under that page is code that is remarkable. btw, this is awsome.. look I am typing and there it is!! HA! html friendly too..
<h2> nice...</h2>

SASA said on October 25, 2006


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