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Self-referencing in VBScript

15 Feb 2007

Does anybody actually develop in VBScript anymore? If you did ASP development, you likely did so in VBScript. ASP was the first server-side language I got into heavily. It took me learning Java and all the object-oriented programming concepts that go with it before I looked to see if the same thing could be accomplished with VBScript. While the OOP features in VBScript are pretty minimal, you ca...

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Rounding Integers Proves Troublesome

16 Dec 2005

Here's the situation: I have something that is 149.95 and I want it to be represented as 14995. So, using VBScript, I take the number and multiply it by 100. On the off chance I got a number that included more than two decimal places, I wanted to lose any decimal points that might exist. VBScript has a function Int that can do just this. Every now and then, though, that whole number ends up being ...

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CDOSYS The Different SendUsing Options

04 Feb 2005

There are two different ways that you can send e-mails using CDOSYS (aka CDO for Windows 2000): Using an SMTP server Using a pickup folder Using an SMTP server Using an SMTP server is probably the most common approach that people use to send out e-mails. Each time you send an e-mail it communicates with the server and sends out your e-mail. This is great for just a few e-mails but if you have...

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CDOSYS (CDO for Windows 2000)

21 Apr 2004

Here's a code block for sending out an e-mail using CDOSYS. ' create the e-mail set o_msg = createobject("cdo.message") set o_conf = createobject("cdo.configuration") With o_conf.Fields .Item(" /cdo/configuration/sendusing") = 2 .Item(" /cdo/configuration/smtpserver") = mailserver .Update End Wit...

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