IE7 Beta 2 Preview: Send in your bug reports

Originally, I was on the fence about installing the latest beta but now that I have, I'm glad I did. I've already uncovered one rendering bug and there will no doubt be many more. At this point, I'm recommending that everybody install it and report anything that does not render correctly. The only way it'll get fixed is if they know about it.

Here is what I've uncovered so far:

  • padding no longer adds to the width of a box when position is set to absolute. Example, a div with position:absolute;width:300px;padding:10px; will render smaller than a container with position:relative;width:300px;padding:10px;
  • min-height, max-height, min-width, and max-width still don't appear to be supported
  • :hover seems to be in but :focus is not.

Feel free to mention or link to anything you find, including validating what I've run into.

Published February 01, 2006 · Updated February 01, 2006
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Anne said on February 01, 2006

I'd rather have people did testing on Opera, Safari and Firefox. Or even better, work on testsuites that can be re-used by any browser company. It's hard for me to understand why people "like" to do regression testing on Internet Explorer 7, but don't really contribute to testsuites like the one from CSS 2.1 or so. Or the SVG public test suite, et cetera.

Michael Hessling said on February 01, 2006

I've not been able to get :hover to work, but you're right about min-width.

Markus Stange said on February 01, 2006
eric said on February 01, 2006

Anne, chances are it's because IE7 will wind up replacing IE6 as the dominant 'regular joe' browser. Just because you don't use it doesn't mean nobody does.

I do agree that more multiplatform test suites should be developed, though.

Quinn said on February 01, 2006

Someday, I need to buy Windwos to keep up with you guys. Untill then.. Big thanks to you.

Michael Bester said on February 02, 2006

Aargh - They fixed height to work as it should. Elements with a fixed height no longer expand to accomodate their contents should said contents be larger than the defined height of their containing element.

Put that together with no support for min-height, max-height, min-width and max-width, and you have a headache on your hands.


Jeff L said on February 02, 2006

Jonathan, I've come across a very annoying rendering bug with the <label> element that you might find interesting. Read more here:

Jens Meiert said on February 03, 2006

Well, the UI just doesn't work (the button order breaks several conventions, and it is definitely worse to use than former IE versions).

Though I "tested" some pages yet, I did not document specific bugs - because it's just a Beta, and as already pointed out, there still is a lot to do. In certain cases, IE7 shows quite strange behavior.

Nick Gagne said on February 04, 2006

This is not really a bug, but still interesting. There is a CSS hack that works for all versions of Internet Explorer, including IE7. You can find out about it here:

Graham Bradley said on February 04, 2006

Firstly, yes, the UI is horrid - the 'classic menu' actually has to be selected before 'File', 'Edit' options are available. Isn't that a fundamental usability error?

Anyway. Again, technically not a bug, but the zoom feaure increases/decreases most but not all page elements - try it on this page and you'll see what I mean.

As for min-width etc....Aargh indeed.

Bob H said on February 25, 2006

I can't get to render correctly in IE7; menu panel overlaps other panels obscuriing some info.

Works fine in Firefox, Netscape and Opera.

Jon K said on April 29, 2006

My CSS menu is completely misrendered. Something is happening with padding or margin that displays fine in IE6, firefox, and the rest.

Jon K said on May 01, 2006

It seems that the padding/margin errors are rendered fine if I use a border... Unfortunately this means that if you want two items directly next to each other you must have 2px of border between them.
If I define relative or absolute I have similar but slightly different positioning problems!

johnross said on July 07, 2006

Ignore this comment

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