Investors, anyone?

I've been so busy with my day job and other matters of living that I just haven't found the time to focus on building my own application. My web and database servers are setup and ready to go. I even got some test scripts together to make sure everything was working as it should -- and it is.

All I need is for someone to give me a salary for the next six months. Then I could spend all day developing the ultimate content management system. Is that too much to ask?

Published December 01, 2004 · Updated September 17, 2005
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ph said on December 01, 2004

Well, is the dream of all programmers, been paid to build our dream app.

Jared Christensen said on December 02, 2004

I second that dream.

Tony Gentile said on December 02, 2004

Jonathan... don't know if you know Roland Tanglao, but if not, you might want to drop him a note. He's not going to invest... but he's passionate enough about CMS that he's helping to bootstrap a couple of efforts.

Also, thanks for stopping by and commenting on my thread. Think you might have missed what I was trying to express (or I might have said it badly); left further thoughts for you in the comments secion.

Good luck w/ your venture!

Gary said on December 06, 2004

Just a though... Why not think small. I think you would have an easier time getting 100.00 from a bunch of people then getting the whole amount from one. Dean Allen of started his hosting company, by getting 200 people to pay 200.00 dollars each. He gave these people a perk, free hosting for the life of the company.

Now all you need to do is:

1. Document the whole process. (for your future book deal)
2. Figure out how much money you need to live and work/divided by the number of people you think realistically might invest.
3. Tightly define GAINCMS and its place in the market.
4. Figure a way to offer something special to get people to invest in your project. (form a small company and offer non-voting stock to the "investors," everyone likes to get something, or receive something that makes them feel special or unique. How about their investment buys them a "franchise" for supporting GAINCMS or maybe have a special "investors" addition of your project)
5. Host your project at (they offer opensource developers a place to develope their projects and a way to make some money. The main Wordpress developer only recieved 600.00 dollars in support from the opensource community. ouch!)
6. Finally become a national recognized speaker helping millions of developers wishing they to could work all day long on the things they love and get paid. The program would be available on video cassette, cdrom, or dvd for 3 easy payments of 29.95.
7. Retire!

Good luck Jonathan,


Ps. Consider me your first investor (How much do I owe you).

some guy said on January 04, 2005

there's no apostrophe in "Investors"

i hope your code is better than your grammar ^_^

Jonathan Snook said on January 04, 2005

Good eye! I, too, hope my code is better than my grammar! ha...

Demetrius A. Ford said on January 29, 2006

Hey Jonathan I like your style. Very imaginative. The only problem I have with giving people an interest in a company that is an unknown is simple: Craiglist gave shares of his company to investors and or employees. When they quit, craiglist had become very popular. They basically sold their controling interest in the company to ebay. Luckily Craig (owner of Craiglist) was able to develop a good relationship with ebay! So basically ebay got in on Craiglist on the cheap and now owns part of it. Trust no one. I repeat trust no one. I am an entrepreneur, a cop (day job) and someone who has been beaten out of 20,000 dollars by someone who I thought had a great business idea. Again trust no one. Research who they're and what there intentions are. Hopefully this will save you from a bad experience and money lost. By the way I have a web application idea or 2. This would be an application for police e-mail, off duty jobs, viewing police reports, etc. I work for a very good Police Department (Orlando Police) but are software applications are terrible. Like most police applications, are pretty bad. A nice CSS web interface along with a flexible backend i.e. Ruby, php, python, etc would kick ass. The application(s) could be leased on a as needed basis, i.e One of the Networking guys who works for the city has stressed the same thing. There is definitely money to be made on this level. If you're interested in teaming up on creating applications for this sort of venue, then I would be a good candidate to work with. please let me know. My name is Demetrius A. Ford and I am employed with the Orlando Police Department in Orlando, Florida.

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