@media 2008 Wrapup

I know it's been a couple weeks since @media but I did want to document my thoughts and, of course, point people to some resources.

First of all, I thoroughly enjoyed the conference. It's certainly on a much smaller scale, probably closer to something like Web Directions North. What I'm finding is that the two track smaller conference seems to be a great size. It gives you plenty of content to absorb while still offering up plenty of opportunities to have meaningful conversations with people.

I enjoyed chatting again with PPK, Drew and Rachel, meeting Stuart Langridge for the first time, and seeing Sidebar colleague, Dan Rubin, again. (And I hate listing names because there were plenty more great people that I got the chance to talk to.)

It was also enjoyable to spend a little site-seeing time in London. It was my first time off the North American continent and I enjoyed the history and all the popular sights. My wife made the trip with me and she got the pleasure (or so she says) for the first time of getting to see me present.

Building on the Shoulders of Giants

My session was a general talk on the use of APIs, frameworks and mashups and how we, as developers, can take advantage of many of the tools already available to us. The feedback I've received on the presentation has been extremely positive which is just fantastic. It's often difficult to know how technical or how high-level to frame a session. I went for something a little higher-level and it seems to have gone over well.

I've posted my slides which also includes links to the resources I mentioned in the slides and in the presentation.

I hope to have the pleasure to do it again next year!

Published June 16, 2008
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Juarez P. A. Filho said on June 17, 2008

Hey Jonathan... Nice presentation. Where Can I find the audio?

Jonathan Snook said on June 17, 2008

Audio hasn't been posted yet but when it is, it'll be added to the presentation page.

Andrew Kumar said on June 17, 2008

oooh very nice slides!

Juarez P. A. Filho said on June 18, 2008

@snook I'm waiting with very expectation. Thanks

Jonathan Snook said on June 18, 2008

I've linked up the audio now on the session page.

jos said on July 18, 2008

thanks for the audio, really nice presentation

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