Presentation: CSS Takes Over the World

I was at Adobe MAX this week, where we got to see all of the new and exciting things coming from Adobe.

I got to present my talk on CSS twice and, as promised, here are my slides from that:

Published October 06, 2011
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Matt Radel said on October 07, 2011

Really great presentation — I never even considered some of the things you talked about!

Melanie said on October 08, 2011

The form validation is really interesting - what's the browser support like?

Jonathan Snook said on October 08, 2011

Melanie, pretty much all the current browsers, except IE, have support. IE10 is expected to have it.

John Reindoer said on October 08, 2011

Looks like an interesting presentation, any chance of a video accompanying the slides?

Jonathan Snook said on October 08, 2011

John Reindoer: There won't be video but there may be audio. Not sure if it'll be public, though. It's supposed to be posted to the Adobe MAX web site at some point.

Adam Booth said on October 11, 2011

Great Presentations. It is filled with some great ideas. It shows great hits and tips to keep code clean and maximizes a sites potential with the minimum effort. The presentation slides on their own seem to be a great help but I can imagine the full presentation was 10 times as good.

Amy said on October 14, 2011

Thanks for posting this, I was looking for it on the Adobe Max site and hadn't seen it yet.

Ian P said on October 24, 2011

Not only great information, but a great presentational style ;-) Nice one.

Hines said on November 04, 2011

I have been so beiwlederd in the past but now it all makes sense!

Andrei Zisu said on November 05, 2011

Heh, I suggest you take a look at AXR. @AXRProject on twitter.

Panduranga Chary Kasoju said on November 06, 2011

Really nice and informative presentation about CSS trends!

we expect more from you Jo!

brandondesign said on November 14, 2011

Nice, however I find using JQuery for drop down menus to be increasingly a thing of the past with pure CSS methods to not only do the drop downs but in cases of CSS3 you can even animate the drop downs.

I created a menu that works from IE 6 all the way to the newest browsers and for those with CSS3 support they have nice rounded corners, gradients and Transition events for the menu opening and closing...all CSS with no JS or JQ.

Great read overall though and nice presentation. I enjoy the throwback wrestlers.

Jonathan Snook said on November 14, 2011

@Brandonondesign: that was really the point of the presentation. All of the examples are things that used to be done with JavaScript but are slowly being replaced with being done in CSS.

brandondesign said on November 14, 2011

@jonathan Yeah great job with that, just pointing out that its now possibly do it 100% without JS or jQ. (which I didn't see for drop down menus unless I missed it)

Really can't wait for all CSS3 to be supported by all major browsers (also to remove the -moz and -webkit prefixes). This really is an exciting time to be a web designer. I still remember using that crazy java on a simple hover image...

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