Just Try and Shut Me Up

I've been pretty quiet as of late — except the deluge I usually subject my Twitter followers to. Fear not, as I have plenty to say and plenty of places to say it. November is turning out to be a busy month of speaking engagements as I cram four different events into the span of two weeks (with a possible fifth for good measure).

One, two, three, four

Starting things off is a trip to Malmo, Sweden for the Oredev conference being held on November 10 through 12. This three-day event is jam-packed with speakers and therefore jam-packed with information! I'll have two sessions: one highlighting CSS3 and the other will be revisiting my talk on font-face embedding on the web, which has seen a continued evolution over the last year.

I fly directly from Sweden to New York City to speak at Carsonified's Future of Web Design—a conference I had the pleasure of speaking at a couple years ago. The conference is being held at the the New World Stages on November 15 and 16. This time around I'll be covering the future of cross-platform front-end development. Quite a mouthful but what does it mean? The session will look at designing and developing web applications across mobile, web and desktop platforms.

I'll be breaking away from FOWD on the 16th to participate once again in the second installment of the online conference, jQuery Summit. It'll be a throwdown: CSS vs jQuery. That may seem like an odd couple to compare but it'll make sense, I swear. And if you can't make it to FOWD, you should most assuredly be able to make it to this one.

Next, I'll be flying from NYC to Atlanta to present at the Atlanta Web Design Group on November 18.

Refresh, for a little more

I said a possible fifth, didn't I? Refresh Rochester is currently trying to raise funds to host the next event. When they manage to hit their goal, I'll be speaking at the next event.

Now, do you want to go to An Event Apart? If you donate $800 or more to Refresh Rochester, you'll get a ticket to the conference and the accompanying A Day Apart. That's a $1200 value. If you were planning to go to An Event Apart this year or next and want to save a few hundred dollars, then snag a ticket in support of Refresh Rochester—even if you can't attend the Refresh. There's only two tickets left so you'll have to act quick!

Had enough?

After 5 talks at 4 events across 2 weeks, y'all might just get sick of me. But maybe it'll make up for the lack of blog posts over the last few months.

Published October 03, 2010
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Ryan Barr said on October 03, 2010

You're a beast. 'nuff said.

Pelle T said on October 04, 2010

So you're going to Sweden, nice. Maybe I see you at Øredev, It's not far from where I live, and it may be worth visiting, especially if you're speaking ;)

Nate Klaiber said on October 04, 2010

It was nice to see a new post from you in the RSS reader. It's been a while, friend.

Oskar said on October 04, 2010

I thought I was busy...!

The CSS vs jQuery throwdown sounds interesting btw.

Ralph Whitbeck said on October 05, 2010

Ah sweet you'll be at Refresh Rochester. Awesome. Perhaps Mike Alsup and I can take you out for a Garbage Plate when you're in town. I tastes way better then it sounds.

Olof Adell said on October 06, 2010

See you at Øredev!

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