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Tomorrow (Wednesday) at 10:00am EST (15:00 GMT), I'll be on to do a live chat, open to answer any questions that you might have. Just hop into the snookca channel.

I've wanted to do the live chat thing for some time now and have debated between doing it in Campfire, using UStream and Y!Live. I've been hanging out on Y!Live from time to time but it has some issues to work out before I think it'll be a solid platform for what I'm looking to do here. It's great for casual chatting, much like hanging out with friends but not so much for larger channels.

Consider this a SXSW warmup (which I won't be speaking at but plenty of smart people are). Speaking of which, if you're attending SXSW and are interested in some off-the-cuff discussion, check out Matthew Oliphant's Unpanel or any of the Open Format sessions on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday.

With it being video, there won't be any transcribing and I won't be typing up my answers in the chat. My apologies for the lack of accessibility for this last-minute operation. However, I'll try and use UStream's recording feature to offer up the video after the fact.

Topic of Conversation

For this inaugural session, there won't be any specific topic. However, any questions relating to the topics that I usually talk about here on my blog will have a better chance of getting answered. Sorry, questions about ponies are a little outside my realm of expertise.

Popular questions these days have mostly been around my development with Adobe AIR, and questions regarding JavaScript, frameworks (PHP or JavaScript), or about freelancing are good areas of discussion.

If this works out well, I'd like to do this on a regular basis and I'll probably do the vidcast at various times of day to give people from around the world and with different schedules a chance to join in.

I hope to see you tomorrow! (and at SXSW if you're going, please say Hi!)

Published March 04, 2008
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Shaun Andrews said on March 04, 2008

I'll be there with the hard hitting questions. About ponies. And unicorns.

Matt Wilcox said on March 04, 2008

Wish I could be in on this, but 3pm means still being in the office. Hope you guys have fun, sounds like it'll be a blast :)

Nate Klaiber said on March 04, 2008

One question: will there be pirate hats?

If so - I'm in.

Kilian Valkhof said on March 04, 2008

3pm for me also means that I'll still be on the office. Have fun those attending! :)

Paul Decowski said on March 05, 2008

Yeah, 3pm means I'll still be in the office. So see you at 3pm! :D

Matthew Pennell said on March 05, 2008

What are the chances of Ustream working through our firewall, I wonder...

Mark said on March 05, 2008

Matthew: As far as I can understand uStream.TV combines IRC chat and video broadcasting via a webcam. Then you should open ports 1935 for both TCP and UDP (in and out), and the IRC ports of 6665 - 6669. I figure most IRC servers use 6665.

Haris said on March 05, 2008

There is no need for Video. I think you should do audio chat only which will be lifesaver for low bandwidth users.

RhymesWithSeven said on March 05, 2008

My alarm clock failed me this morning... Any chance the feed was recorded?

leveille said on March 05, 2008

Thanks again for your time today Snook. I enjoyed hearing you talk about the day to day things you deal with and work around (kids to and from daycare, late nights, lack of exercise). Sometimes it's easy to think that everyone else must have all the time in the world to devote to this trade. Obviously that isn't the case.

Jonathan Snook said on March 06, 2008

Thank you everybody who was able to make it. For those that didn't, I recorded the session but Ustream's UI confused me and I lost it. I've learned from my mistake and will make sure the next session is recorded.

Chat gratis said on March 07, 2008

I lost your live chat too, hope to see you next time. You could open a section with all your recorded sessions.

Haris said on March 07, 2008

Snook can you only steam live audio instead of live video for low bandwith users? :(

David Walsh said on March 07, 2008

Thank you for taking the time to do this Jonathan. For someone who loves web development but doesn't work for a company with enough dough to send me to your speaking engagements, I really enjoyed this opportunity to listen to you being candid about web and life. Thank you again!

Haris said on March 07, 2008

Snook can you only steam live audio instead of live video for low bandwith users? :(

Matthew Keefe said on March 17, 2008

Just a thought, but you could use Camtasia to record the chat and then be able to separate the Audio/Video.

Jonathan Snook said on March 17, 2008

@Matthew Keefe, yeah, I could use Camtasia but it was nice using a service where I didn't have to worry about it. With Ustream, I believe I can specify that it'll be just audio but there's no way to export as MP3.

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