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After my workshop in Brighton, I'll be heading to Freiburg, Germany. I was in Germany in March and I'm definitely excited to see more of the beautiful countryside and architecture. What brings me to Germany again? Smashing Conference. That's right. Smashing Magazine now has its own conference. Here's the sad part: it's already sold out. I know, I'm sorry. I really should've told you sooner.

On the upside, the SMACSS Workshop Tour will also be at Smashing Conference and there are still some tickets left. Considering how quickly everything has been selling, I'd definitely recommend getting your tickets sooner rather than later. (Last I heard, the workshop was already two-thirds full.)

The SMACSS Workshop was in Essen in March and it sold out. People are saying things like, "that was awesome workshopness," and, "everything about the #smacss workshop is awesome." Okay, a lot of people saying awesome. I blush.

But seriously. I'd love to see you make it out to the workshop and enjoy a lovely day in scenic Freiburg.

Published June 11, 2012
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Rob said on June 11, 2012

Any chance of you coming to the Netherlands in the near future? I would love to attend a workshop about SMACSS.

Jonathan Snook said on June 11, 2012

@Rob: there's been plenty of interest for one in the Netherlands. We had a few people attend the one in Essen back in March. If Freiburg and Brighton sell out, I'll be looking into the possibility of adding another workshop.

Jamie Huskisson said on June 12, 2012

We'll be there too! We grabbed the last two tickets. I'm looking forward to seeing you speak.

ndeere said on June 15, 2012

Can you tell me how to achieve fixed position using javascritpt?

Thanks a lot.

Jonathan Snook said on June 16, 2012

Ndeere: position:fixed should be handled in the CSS. Otherwise, you'd have to use the scroll event, determine scrollOffset, and reposition elements on the page. This never feels smooth.

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