SXSW'07:The Home Version

"That's right! You, too, can play along with the home version!"

It's friday morning and I'm sitting here in the hotel room after about five hours of sleep (my usual, these days). I arrived last night around 9:00 and touched base with Anton Peck as planned. We both arrived to our respective hotels within minutes of each other. I walked the two short blocks to his hotel and met his "boss" and co-workers. After a brief chat, Anton — having been messaged by Glenda — directed us to Buffalo Billiards for a party that was already going on.

It was a pretty small crowd in comparison to the throngs of people we'll be seeing over the next few days but it was great to meet new people in person (Jina!) and chat with people I hadn't seen in awhile (or since three weeks ago).

The entire night was a blast and it was great to be able to have some decent chats with people. Last year, I barely talked to anyone for more than five minutes so it was nice. I suspect that freedom will change once everybody descends onto the actual conference today

What's up next?

This morning is pretty low key for me as I'll be hanging out in my hotel getting some last minute work done. But once lunch time rolls around, I'll make my way to the conference center for registration and meetup with whoever I run into. At 5:30 today is the Refresh "World" which I want to hit up.

Staying up to date

Over the next few days, I'll try and be diligent in uploading new photos to my Flickr account and more of the minutia to my Twitter. If you're on Twitter, direct messages will get me on my cell.

If you're here at SXSW, be sure to say hello. If you're not here, sorry you couldn't make it and hopefully all of the buzz doesn't make you too jealous (or at least, entices you enough to make it out next year (or catch a last minute flight this year!)).

Published March 09, 2007
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J Phill said on March 09, 2007

Looking forward to meeting you! We got here last night as well, so we will be heading into town for the day. The Refresh World event looks interesting.

Ara Pehlivanian said on March 09, 2007

Sounds like a blast. Fighting feelings of jealousy, and definitely enticed to go next year. Must make sure company knows to send me. Please keep all of us non-SXSWers up to date with photos, twitters and posts :-)

Jermayn Parker said on March 09, 2007

Yes im jelouse.....

Nothing seems to come to Perth, WA and its too expensive to go over east etc :(

Trey Philips said on March 10, 2007

Nice meeting you today, Snook. Looking forward to your panel.

Johan said on March 12, 2007

I hope you have many Snook T-shirts with ya!!

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