WDN08: Working with Ajax Frameworks

As I mentioned in my recap, I was a little under the weather but despite that, I was really pleased with my own presentation. Timing was pretty good, if a little rushed at the end, and I felt like there was plenty of good information included. Lots of people came up to me afterwards said they enjoyed it, which made me feel even better. (If you didn't like it, don't be shy to let me know...or post it on your blog.)

Anyways, here's the slides, in case you're interested. There should be a podcast, as well, which I'll link to as soon as its posted.

Published February 02, 2008
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Ain Tohvri said on February 03, 2008

Very nice review on various AJAX frameworks. Good job!

Damjan Mozetič said on February 04, 2008

Great presentation, love it. I'm sorry that I couldn't be there though.

Andrew Smith said on February 04, 2008

Great talk, I only wish you had a bit more time to go in-depth a little more. It was good to meet you too - Go Sens and Vancouver! Boo Calgary.
Posted a shot of you on Flickr.

Keep up the good work!

Jonathan Snook said on February 04, 2008

Thanks Andrew. You took some great shots of the conference. (and didn't you win a bag of books, too?)

Andrew said on February 06, 2008

Thanks, ya I scored a bag of books for posting the pictures to Flickr during the event. It was a great time.

Maikel González said on February 21, 2008

Thanks, especially by the part "My favorite?", said in a few words how to choose a Framework. Could I publish this presentation translated into Spanish in my site?

Jonathan Snook said on February 24, 2008

Maikel: yes, you can go ahead and translate the presentation into Spanish. Thanks—

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