Web Design Master Class

It's been a long time coming but I and the rest of the folks in Sidebar Creative are back this year with a brand new edition: the Web Design Master Class. We've partnered with UIE to put on not one, not two, but three workshops this year. Crazy, I know.

Even crazier is that we've actually been rather quiet about the whole affair (well, except for the occasional tweet or two). Allow this venerable blog post to rectify that.

What is the Web Design Master Class?

It's a one day workshop with myself, Dan Rubin, Bryan Veloso and Steve Smith. The whole gang is back together and talking about front-end design and development. We take a project and walk through it from design through slicing, HTML and CSS, to JavaScript. We're jam-packing the day with as much knowledge and experience that we can bring to bear.

We'll be taking a look at HTML5, CSS3 and plenty of other new technologies to see what works, what doesn't and sharing what you can start using today. Check out the program details to get a better sense of what we're covering and whether the Master Class is where you should be spending your day (it is).

Austin, Texas

Having just returned from Austin for SXSW, we're looking forward to heading back on April 7th to the land of delicious BBQ and great people. That's just under 3 weeks from now! Unfortunately, we've already passed the early-bird pricing but don't fret as our regular price is still a sweet deal.

Philadelphia, PA

Having never been to Philly before, I'm really looking forward to checking the city out along with hanging out with the cool folks who'll be in attendance. This takes place on June 14th, so be sure to grab your tickets at the early-bird price of $495 before May 17.

Los Angeles

Last but not least, we have LA. It's a big city but didn't seem to have many events catering to the talented peeps of the area. And with it being Bryan's current residence, we thought it a great place to finish our initial three-city tour. We're putting on this shindig on August 16, so be sure to join us on the west coast.

But wait, there's more!

On top of that, all attendees are automatically added for some giveaways that we're doing in combination with our sponsors MediaTemple and TypeKit.

Also, be sure to follow @sidebarworkshop on Twitter as we'll be making plenty of announcements and promotions through there. For today (March 21), for example, we're giving away a free pass to the Austin event just for tweeting or retweeting with the #wdmc hashtag.

So, go ahead and join us as we bring forth the knowledge bombs with the Sidebar Workshops' Web Design Master Class!

Published March 21, 2011
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Thomas J Bradley said on March 21, 2011

Sounds really cool, but it's unfortunate that everything so awesome is always so far away. I'd love to see something like this in our home town of Ottawa.

Jonathan Snook said on March 21, 2011

@Thomas: I understand. I've contemplated putting on my own events in Ottawa since it'd certainly save me the travel (and help further web development within the region) but it's been hard to find the time to organize. One of the reasons why the Sidebar Workshops are kicking off again is through the heavy involvement of UIE who is doing the event management for us.

Thomas J Bradley said on March 21, 2011

@Snook: No worries, I recognise it's a lot of work to organise something big like that. I'm sure it will be great.

Rashed said on March 25, 2011

This would be interesting, I think you will get a lot of interest especially from less experienced programmers. I am interested in looking at what doors HTML 5 opens but I'm from the UK and therefore it may be a bit too far for me:)

Joel Glovier said on April 03, 2011

Yeah I'm only 2 hours from Philly - DEF worth a day trip for me. Hope to see you there!

Gene Parcellano said on April 04, 2011

Any chance there would be something like this in Europe? Any suggestions on a similar type of workshop on this side of the world? Thanks!

Jonathan Snook said on April 04, 2011

No plans to head to Europe at this time. However, you may wish to look into something like the Hardboiled Web Design Workshops by Andy Clarke. The curriculum is a little more focused on just HTML and CSS but I'm sure you could spring a jQuery question or two on Andy and see how well he responds. :)

Robin said on May 04, 2011

Any chance of offering it online?

Robin said on May 04, 2011

or Atlanta, GA?

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