Upcoming MODx Changes

I've been keeping an eye on MODx sometime, based on some chats with Ryan Thrash. The team has been working heavily on the new backend to power everything.

Jason Coward describes some of his approach on how the new framework is built.

Some of the interesting things include using more of a Page Controller approach over a Front Controller approach that most of the MVC frameworks take today, and the data model engine being able to handle table revisions with the developer never having to access the database directly.

I also appreciate the fact that localization and internationalization is getting built in at the ground floor of the new framework. Too often are these features left out of popular frameworks.

I'm looking forward to playing with it

Published December 14, 2006
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gareth said on December 15, 2006

Good to see modx getting some coverage. I have been using for the past year and can not seem myself using anything else.

gareth said on December 15, 2006

opps.. sorry for the typos. its a shame I can not edit my comment.

eemi said on December 15, 2006

MODx it's the best CMS ever. I use it in a site with more than 3000 visits a day (in an old server) and I don't have any performance problems.

Cal said on December 16, 2006

MODx rocks. Flexible, elegant, just like gareth and eemi I can't bring myself to use anything else. And the community (forums, IRC, wiki) is great.

varun said on February 22, 2007

Modx is the best CMS around..

So easy to integrate custom templates

ReaderX said on October 02, 2007

Any updates on this subject?

pixelchutes said on October 15, 2007

MODx is absolutely the best CMF! Great for so much more than just a website or blog...the framework makes for a strong foundation and versatile environment for web application development as a whole.

Want to know more? Check out the Roadmap for what is in store!


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