Microformats in Dreamweaver

I'm a fan of Dreamweaver, having used it for years. Drew McLellan (of the WaSP Dreaweaver Task Force and who I met ever so briefly at SXSW) has just released a Microformats Dreamweaver Extension. It allows for the easy insertion of hCalendar, hCard and XFN microformats into any page you may be working on. Since comments are closed on the WaSP site, best to leave your comments on Drew's site.

Published March 23, 2006 · Updated September 14, 2006
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Bullock said on March 23, 2006

I am a Dreamweaver user as well. Thanks for the information

Jules said on March 24, 2006

I too am a fan and user of DW. I haven't tried this extension yet but I wonder why Drew simply didn't create a series of snippets for these microformats.

I will have to try the extension and see what benefits that using them as extensions provides.

Jonathan Snook said on March 24, 2006

The advantage is the dialog box. It prompts you to enter in the pieces of each microformat whereas if it just pasted a snippet, you'd have to have more knowledge of the format to know what should appear in each part.

Brad Garland said on April 06, 2006

So this is my own ignorance but what's the majority of web developers use for site design?

Is it apps like Dreamweaver or do alot of people just use Notepad/Textmate for everything?

Jonathan Snook said on April 06, 2006

This is all anecdotal but I'd say the majority of standards-savvy designers use text editors like Notepad++, Textmate, etc.

Unfortunately, many write off DW as a WYSIWYG tool for novices when in actuality, it's very powerful as has a number of things that can assist in building standards complaint, accessible web sites. My personal issue with it is that it's slow for quickly opening files quickly. I just find it faster to use a text editor until I need to do some 'grunt work'.

john said on April 08, 2006

I have yet to find an editor that matches Dreamweavers ftp cababilities. The ability to define a testing server as well as the remote server. Its shortcuts for quickly uploading files is fantastic.

Jauhari said on May 01, 2006

I fan of DW 8 and thanks for you information

J. Bradford said on April 02, 2007

I've been using Dreamweaver since v2.0 came out and it was not until recently that I discovered that I was relatively alone in my love for it's capabilities. Most people use basic text editors and ftp clients. the common misconception I find is that DW "mucks code", or alters code in it's own way. This is completely untrue, though if you do not know how DW works, it is possible for it to look that way. The rule of thumb I always stick by is "If you don't know what your software is doing, you shouldn't be using it".

Anyway, very glad to find another DW user. There's nothing better than being able to hit CTRL+ALT+U to up' a file rather than switching programs and all that nonsense.

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