Quick Tagging in Dreamweaver

I touched on the Find and Replace dialog but I wanted to touch on a feature more specifically related to the design view. The Quick Tag Editor is one of those features that I use often when formatting content. The editor let’s you quickly add or edit a tag from design view. Need to quickly superscript some text or add a hyperlink but don’t want to switch to the properties panel? Select the text and (on Windows) hit Control-T to bring up the quick tag editor. Type in the tag and the attributes you’d like and hit Enter.

Screenshot of Quick Tag Editor in Dreamweaver

Editing an Existing Tag

I tend to use this feature for adding tags but it can also be used for editing existing tags. Normally when you bring up the quick tag editor, it defaults to inserting a new tag. Hit Control-T again and it’ll select the parent element, allowing you to edit any of the attributes or change the tag altogether.

Bonus Tip

This is a given in any program but learn the keyboard shortcuts and you’ll speed up your performance tremendously. Dreamweaver shortcuts that I use the most often are Insert Table (Control-Alt-T), Insert Image (Control-Alt-I) and of course this, the quick tag editor.

Published September 22, 2005 · Updated September 22, 2005
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Yannick said on September 23, 2005

Hey thanks for the tip Jonathan. I am sure it will come in real handy at work. I didn't even realise this feature was there. Now that I know I can take over the wor...*cough* I mean "be more productive". :)

Miha said on September 23, 2005

Great tip, I didn't know that this DW functionality exists.

Graham said on September 23, 2005

I wasn't aware of it either. Thanks.

Brent Wilcox said on September 23, 2005

This tip was pretty usefull. I will use it in my everyday job activities. Thank you.

Phil Thompson said on September 28, 2005

goddammit! I didn't know you could do this. This'll save me an age, Thanks.

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