Default Mac or PC Fonts

A list of default fonts on OSX and System 7 over at Microsoft.

There's also Code Style which covers most popular fonts over different platforms.

Published August 31, 2004 · Updated September 17, 2005
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Will Parker said on December 30, 2004

FYI, I'm the guy who compiled the Mac OS X font list for MS Typography way back at the dawn of time, just after Mac OS X 10.0.0 shipped.

That list is quite outdated now. Although I was the MS Mac Business Unit's 'font guy' from 2000 to early 2004, I never got a chance to go back and officially update the list for Jaguar or Panther. Panther in particular added a large number of fonts supporting non-European languages.

Apple has never, to my knowledge, posted a publicly available list of the Mac OS X fonts in a single location. It's not technically hard to compile such a list, but capturing and laying out the details of each of the fonts (type, size, format, version number, original font vendor, etc.) can be tedious. I think my original spreadsheet ran to 20+ columns for each font.

Now that Unicode and OpenType have a solid base of support in Mac apps, it would make sense to also address the number of characters provided by each font, the Unicode subranges covered by the font, and (for OpenType fonts) any special OpenType typographical features supported by the font.

No promises, but I'll consider compiling and publishing a complete font listing for Jaguar, Panther and Tiger after Tiger ships.

Anyone interested in gettting a copy of the list should email me at 'macartisan AT gmail DOT com'. That's the best way -- short of hiring me -- to insure that I stay interested in the project.

Adam M. said on March 13, 2005

I googled far and wide for this info myself, and finally hit upon it via

The page includes both a text listing of font names and a png image showing what the fonts look like.

Hope that helps. :-)

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