Unused Design Giveaway!

Okay, I hope I didn't get your hopes up too high. I felt (un)inspired and put together a redesign of good ol' snook.ca.

In the end, though, I don't think I'll ever use it so I've decided to make it available to anyone who feels they can make some good of it. Download the zip and use to your hearts content. I admit that it's still somewhat unpolished -- the comments area needs some style and there's a double border at the bottom that'd be easy enough to fix -- but there should be enough to work with.

Just leave me a quick note if you do decide to use it.

Published March 31, 2005 · Updated September 17, 2005
Categorized as HTML and CSS
Short URL: https://snook.ca/s/352


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Jehiah said on June 26, 2005

Influenced by your template (thanks!) and http://johnvey.com

I'd love to hear your constructive criticism

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