Vibing 2

My Vibing playlist slowly builds as I add a track here or there to the list. Here’s a few tracks I’ve added recently.

Say What You Want by 33.3

After falling head over heels for Jungle, I instantly clicked with 33.3. But I couldn’t find any information on them and they’ve only got a few tracks released on Apple Music. A Google search brings up a band from the late ‘90s. Then, I came across a comment on a forum and suddenly it became clear why I’m so enamoured with them: it’s two members of Jungle.

Otra Vez by ProdMarvin

I’d swear this was another Jungle track and as such, it has been on repeat. A lot.

Confidence by Ocean Alley

Love the funk and soulfulness in this track.

Hospital Beach by Cottonwood Firing Squad

That open riff just puts me into a calm mood. I swear I’m on a beach in L.A. just chilling, watching the sun set into the ocean.

All the Pretty Girls by KALEO

Kaleo is described as an Icelandic blues rock band but I swear I’m listening to City and Colour. With a title like that, I wouldn’t think the track would be so emotional.

Published January 17, 2024
Categorized as music
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