Arriving Late to the Meme Party: Musical Baton

After Derek, Garrett and Dan passed a baton my way, I felt it only fair to oblige them.

Total volume of music on my computer

2 GB. Seriously folks. That's not a typo. There's no missing zeros.

The last CD I bought

Gwen Stefani: Love. Angel. Music. Baby. Too bad I've already grown tired of it.

Song playing right now

The Darkness: Friday Night I still love this song.

Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me

I tend to get stuck on albums as opposed to specific songs but here's a quick list.

  • Come on Eileen by Save Ferris
  • Long Time Gone by the Dixie Chicks
  • Pretty much anything off the Hopes and Fears album by Keane.
  • John Mayer and '83 It just speaks to me.
  • I Got the Feelin' by James Brown It's been in my head ever since I watched that episode of the Cosby Show.

Passing the baton on to...

Yeah, here's the problem with showing up late. Too many people have already done it. Now don't I just look anti-social...

Published May 17, 2005 · Updated September 17, 2005
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MarkB said on May 18, 2005

I gotta agree with you there Jonathan, about the John Mayer song...what an incredible tune huh?

I'm a major John Mayer fan. I still believe, one day, when I get married, I'm gonna get him to play at my wedding.

Have you seen the 'Any Given Thursday' John Mayer DVD? Its quite funny, apparently people contacted him thinking that his brother was dead "...I miss him so much..." So on the DVD he squeezed in "...he's fine by the way..."

Quite the musician.

And you know what, its quality of quantity dude, and from your list of 5 fav songs...sheer quality ;)

Jonathan Snook said on May 18, 2005

Yeah, I've really enjoyed John Mayer's work. I got a bunch of his music including some live performances. I haven't seen the DVD. If I had the time it'd be cool to check out.

Diego said on May 18, 2005

2 GB? That's a lot for you?
I'm passing the 6 GB right now...

BTW: I love leaving comments in here! :D

Jonathan Snook said on May 18, 2005

Diego... no, 2GB is very little. Certainly in comparison to everybody else. I need a service that automatically downloads new music to my machine and then I can just delete anything I don't like. :)

Alden said on May 18, 2005

I'm pushing 7GB ;)

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