Bloglines, where are you?

How frustrating.

Bloglines has suddenly stopped indexing one of my feeds. Even worse, it's my main article feed. Anybody using Bloglines probably thinks I haven't updated my site in a week (which obviously isn't the case).

I sent them an e-mail on Oct 10th and received a fairly prompt reply that they were looking into it. Four days later and I haven't heard a word. Let's hope this issue gets resolved soon!

[UPDATE - Oct 14 - 9:40PM] I received a response from my last e-mail but it was the same response I got from my first e-mail. Almost form letterish. *shudder* But it looks like a little progress has been made. Now it actually says it's been updated on the 14th instead of the 7th but all my posts since the 7th are nowhere to be seen. Maybe this update will kickstart it. If not, I'll wait until after my next post to inquire further.

[UPDATE - Oct 18 - 9:40PM] It's been two weeks now and Bloglines is still not indexing my article feed. Disappointing service to say the least. Sent another email

[UPDATE - Oct 19 - 9:09PM] At long last! My blog has been updated in Bloglines! Now to see if it continues to do so...

[UPDATE - Oct 20 - 12:49PM] Last update, I swear! 15 hours later and things are still humming along. I feel better now.

Published October 14, 2004 · Updated September 17, 2005
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