Consuming to Produce

As the clock turns over an arbitrary time boundary that marks one year from the next, many reflect on their past and make promises of change for the future.

Not one to want to feel left out in such reflecting, I, too, have made promises for the year (and, really, years) ahead. Well, one in particular: be more creative.

Being more creative was purposely vague so as to leave numerous avenues in which to pursue that creativity. Web design and development is assuredly a given, as that’s well within my wheelhouse of skills. Tangentially, I’ve been working to improve my photography and photo editing skills, turning that work into one web project or another. More writing. And cooking.

Each new channel of exploration has become a new way to spend money. There’s a name for this: The Diderot Effect.

The Diderot Effect states that obtaining a new possession often creates a spiral of consumption which leads you to acquire more new things. As a result, we end up buying things that our previous selves never needed to feel happy or fulfilled.

Photography is fun. Surely, I’d have better photos with that particular camera. Or the latest iPhone. Or that new lens. Y’know, I really need a better camera strap. And a new shoulder bag. Maybe a backpack for particular trips to carry all this gear.

Cooking is fun. Let’s give sous vide a go. I need the plastic tub that is especially designed for the wand. And the wire mesh to hold the food off the bottom. And a cast iron pan would really be better than my 10 year old teflon pans. Oh, and a blow torch for post-bath Maillard reactions. (And maybe try my hand at a crème brûlée while I’m at it.)

Making coffee is fun. Yes, I must have the double boiler espresso machine. And grinder, of course. And knock box. And some lovely cups to go with it.

Oh, I’ll tell you with a straight face that I’m a modern minimalist man but I have a knack for filling up my home with all the latest gadgets in pursuit of something to fill my spare time. In my effort to produce more, I end up consuming more.

Maybe in an effort to be more creative, I should be more creative in accomplishing my goals without all the gadgets.

Right after I buy this thing I need for the kitchen.

Published January 14, 2020
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