FONTSMACK Blog is Live

FONTSMACK now has a blog. I used WordPress, which I've come to appreciate for its ease of use when it comes to templating. Some may be confused by it but having some previous knowledge of PHP certainly comes in handy. Since FONTSMACK is in PHP as well, it was easy enough to tie in most of the template fairly quickly (those ubiquitous header and footer files). Upload and templating took about an hour or so, in total. That certainly beats trying to build a new blog tool from scratch!

Even though I use MovableType for, every new blog that I have to set up will likely be with WordPress. I've tried TextPattern but learning custom tags wasn't something I felt like doing. I hear it's powerful stuff and if I ever have the time to look into it further, I will.

With the FONTSMACK blog done, that means my posts on the subject will come to a close on this site. If you haven't already, be sure to check it out!

Published July 04, 2005 · Updated September 14, 2006
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xenxen said on July 08, 2005

Dude, I've been browsing so many different blogs and on like 90% of the blogs I come across is a reference to your site -- the color contrast tools etc. Crazy beans.

Evan said on March 09, 2006

Nice theme and great work!
Love your Blog!
can you share?

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