Every now and then, an album just really hits the spot. Most of my music recommendations come in through TikTok these days and the latest video from Jungle, Back on 74, has spawned a rabbit hole of videos that I refuse to swipe past. I watch every one.

So enamoured, I downloaded Jungle’s album, Volcano, and then discovered that they have a nearly 50 minute movie that puts the music to an incredibly choreographed dance story. (The movie is $10 but is worth it, in my opinion. But looks like it'll be posted on YouTube in January, if you feel like waiting.)

Upon adding Volcano to the library, I also realized that I had already added a number of Jungle tracks over the months and years. Their music is a fantastic blend of funk and soul and house and electronic. It’s addictive as fuck.

This album and movie will be on repeat for a long time.

Published September 06, 2023
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