Matias Wireless Keyboard

I don’t normally do product reviews but the Matias Wireless Keyboard looked like a great addition.

The Matias keyboard has the same layout as the full wired Apple keyboard—with full-sized arrow keys and full number pad. But it’s wireless!

The keyboard comes in colours to match your MacBook. In my case, I got the Gold. They've done a good job of matching the style.

The keyboard takes about 5 hours for a full charge and should last for up to a year before needing to be charged again (according to the box). Best thing is that it can be charged and be used at the same time! (This shouldn’t be a novelty but considering neither the Apple Magic Mouse nor the Apple Pencil can be used while charging, this is something special.)

Overall, it has a similar feel to the older wired keyboard with a similar amount of travel. (I believe the newest Apple keyboard is closer to the newer Apple MacBooks.)

Another really nice feature that really clinched it for me is the ability to connect the keyboard to 4 different devices. With a quick tap of the button, the keyboard will switch over to that device. I currently have the keyboard linked to my Mac, my PC, and my iPad Pro. It takes about a second for it to connect, which has been barely noticeable when switching devices.

When connected up to the Surface, the function keys work but the media keys don’t. Speaking of connecting to the Surface, it took a few tries before it even saw the keyboard. Once it found it, though, it worked fine.

One last thing to mention about the keyboard is that I can feel the printing of the letters on the keys. I can’t think of a keyboard I’ve had in the last decade where that's been the case. It doesn’t really bother me—at least, it hasn’t yet.

(Thanks Kitt for ordering the keyboard for me!)

Published March 20, 2017
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