Moving MovableType a success

After hearing of a promotion for free web hosting from, I decided to sign up and see how good it is. My last host wasn't bad but the server did seem to go down for 5-10 minutes on a regular basis. But in moving stuff over, I had to move over my MovableType installation. After hearing of numerous horror stories, I was concerned. I'm using the BerkleyDb configuration so I downloaded my MT folder from my old server and then reuploaded it to my new server. I had to change the path in the mt.cfg file, had to change a path in my file (for creating acronym tags around common terms), and then change the path in the weblog config. Rebuilding the site miraculously worked like a charm! There was the odd time I missed a path but all in all, a very painless process.

Published January 09, 2004 · Updated September 17, 2005
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