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My apologies to anybody who's been come across any oddities with both the feeds and the site in the past little while. I've added a new category/feature to the site called Quick Links. Quick Links are just that. They're a link with maybe a quick blurb of text. They don't deserve a full page with comments but they do deserve space on the home page and they do deserve to be in the feed.

I've been trying to get Movable Type to add a special category that worked differently in the RSS feed and on the home page. Not as intuitive as it could have been and I was tempted to just write my own but alas, a solution has been found in a combination of plugins.

Feel free to report any further issues.

Published October 05, 2005 · Updated September 14, 2006
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Wesley Walser said on October 06, 2005

We get links for a bunch of sources, I quite enjoyed hearing your thoughts on those links. Congrats on getting it to work though.

Jonathan Snook said on October 06, 2005

Thanks. Ultimately, by having the quick links I'll now be linking to stuff that I didn't before because I didn't really have anything to say and didn't want to have a whole page for just a paragraph but still found interesting. :)

man said on September 27, 2007

hi man

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