Off to Webvisions 2006

I'm heading off to Webvisions 2006. It should be a fun couple days to catch up with a bunch of people I got to meet at SXSW, get to meet a bunch of new folks, and finally, to get my presentation to the masses.

In case you missed it, I'll be presenting Rapid DOM Scripting and Ajax Development where I'll go over some ways to speed up development. And in case you miss the presentation (or heck, even if you do make it), I'll be posting the slides afterwards. I'll do my best to get a podcast of the event as well.

If you're going, be sure to say hi!

Published July 19, 2006 · Updated September 14, 2006
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James Cogan said on July 19, 2006

I'm so jealous!

Safe travels and enjoy what should be a terrific event.

Jason Kataropoulos said on July 20, 2006

Being on the other side of the world right now just makes feel jealus too...

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