Override Custom Context Menu in Firefox

So, I'm on this web site and I right-click on the page. I was surprised to find a nicely designed custom context menu. But I thought to myself, "How annoying... I want to use the actual context menu." I tried holding down the CTRL key (don't ask me why) and was pleasantly surprised to find the Firefox context menu.

I haven't tried this on a clean install so it could be one of the many plugins that I have installed but either way, I like it.

Published December 23, 2004 · Updated September 17, 2005
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Rob Mientjes said on December 23, 2004

Nice shit! I had one of those a year back, when I still used tables. This really rocks.

Mark Wubben said on December 23, 2004

Rob, you're everywhere.

Actually I think this has been there for quite some time already. Just to prove this I fired up my Mozilla 1.0 RC3 build (yeah, I know, had to test something for sIFR, and sorry for that shameless plug!) and even though the custom context menu didn't work, I got the Mozilla context menu when I pressed control.

Good stuff.

Jeroen Mulder said on December 23, 2004

Very nice find! Works fine for me on a near vanilla installation.

I don't like sites invading my browsers like that, so it's great to hear another 'speedbump' has been squashed with this.

Roger Johansson said on December 26, 2004

Unfortunately, holding down <kbd>CTRL</kbd> doesn't get rid of the custom menu if you're using a Mac. Neither does any of the other key combinations I tried.

John Cumming said on January 10, 2005

This looks great.

It also works in IE on Windows.

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