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Here's the thing... I was having some issues with a previous host and I needed to get off, quick. In doing so, I'm pushing this design — Blick Blocky Retro — live. I don't have comments enabled, yet. I'm probably missing a bunch of content that fell outside the land of blog.

In any case, I'm on a new server now. And I'll get the comments live along with a more formal introduction post.


Published January 15, 2009 · Updated January 15, 2009
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Chris Wallace said on January 16, 2009

Jonathan, looks really good man. I love it.

John McGonegal said on January 16, 2009

I like the new design a lot. But I think a margin:0 auto; in the #main and #footer p would look a lot better on a widescreen.

kicaj said on January 16, 2009

Great design!

Derek said on January 16, 2009

Awesome update. I scrolled up and download quickly a few times just for kicks. Trippy perspective going on.

Harmen Janssen said on January 17, 2009

Looks real good, Jonathan!
And thanks for explaining the techniques used in creating the slant. Awesome :)

Adrian said on January 17, 2009

Very nice. Well done.

Jehzeel Laurente said on January 21, 2009

awww.. How i missed the old design on this website... This new design rocks and the old design as well.

I wonder if you have any archives of the old design.. or maybe release it as a public XHTML template.. hehe :D

Fitz said on January 21, 2009

Looks like comments are back. Good thing everything went fine.

Jason said on January 22, 2009

Good to see your off Dreamhost. I need to do the same as well, as they are not that reliable anymore. So you moved to a dedicated server somewhere else I am guessing?

The design looks weird, nice but just weird looking. I suddenly get that Nintendo Excitebike feeling when viewing your site.

Mikko Lauhakari said on January 28, 2009

Nice Nice, really liking the new design.
I really love the color combo on your site, U feel calm when you enter =]

Mike said on February 04, 2009

Great design, definitely unique, and I always like black (dark) / green combos. Nice job on the '3D!'

Michiel Van Kets said on February 16, 2009

well, I like it, but what did I miss? It's looking this for some time now, no?

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