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If you can see this, that means the DNS for you or your feedreader has worked swimmingly. Now to see what's broken (if anything). This should conclude a successful switch from 1and1 to Dreamhost.

Published February 04, 2006 · Updated September 14, 2006
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Nathan Smith said on February 05, 2006

Congrats! I made the switch last year, and haven't looked back. The difference in quality of customer service, as well as hosting features / limits is amazing.

Matt Brett said on February 05, 2006

Dude, you went the wrong way!

Heh, I moved from Dreamhost to 1&1 just a couple months ago. It seemed I was on one of the few servers that had constant problems. Their support was awesome and always quick to respond, but I saw lots of down time and email problems.

Hopefully you have better luck.

Jonathan said on February 06, 2006

I made the switch in November and have been extremely happy with DreamHost. I was blown away by how up-front they are with downtime notifications and other system details. Most other hosts wait for you to contact them, but with DreamHost they'll send you downtime updates and tell you exactly why your server is experiencing difficulties.

I've had a few outages, but none lasted for very long and DreamHost support is always quick to respond. I really appreciate that they explain the problems to their clients. Other hosts usually just give you a canned "Sorry for any inconvenience" email.

Matt Cahill said on February 07, 2006

Seeing as everybody in these comments so far are 9Rulers, it seems okay to ask if you considered moving to Media Temple. I think that's where I'm heading next month and I'd love to hear why you decided to go with Dreamhost (or 1&1 for that matter)

Matt Brett said on February 07, 2006

@Matt Cahill: I actually tried out Media Temple before moving to 1&1. I found them too limiting. You have to contact them for the simplest things - like adding a domain to your account. They claim to offer multiple domain hosting, but they don't truly. For instance, you can't have more than one email account with the same alias. What I mean by that, is you couldn't have and Both accounts would pick up each other's email. Since I manage many sites for myself and a few clients, this simply wouldn't do.

Jonathan Snook said on February 07, 2006

I actually did a site transfer for a client on (mt) and was surprised to find that they were still running MySQL 3 as their default.

Anyways, I chose Dreamhost because I've been using them for other stuff for awhile. It was easier for me to bring this site under the same plan.

Jonathan said on February 07, 2006

Matt: actually... I'm not a 9Ruler. Anyways, I have had experience with Media Temple and I have to say that their hosting is nice, and their service is good. However, DreamHost just cannot be beaten as far as "bang for your buck" hosting. They offer an incredible amount of Bandwidth/Storage and their support team is great. Media Temple also has a great system for support requests, but I found that DreamHost was always quicker to respond, and they take responsibility for their mistakes. Also with DreamHost - their initial bandwidth/storage amounts are massive, but they keep increasing as long as you're a client. It's a great feature that encourages growth. In short, DreamHost is like no other host I've found... in a good way.

udkl said on December 30, 2006

Please can you tell me which account did you apply for in dreamhost??
I mean, compared to other sites, your site loads a tad faster and there are less than 20 domains on your server.

Jonathan Snook said on December 30, 2006

udkl: I'm just using the entry-level cheap plan. One thing I had to do was ask to get moved to another machine when I was experiencing performance problems and down time...and that's when I was running MovableType which serves static files. If you find your site slow or constantly down, try asking to get switched to a different box.

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