Simple Business Workshop

I was intrigued by this when one of the guys behind it emailed me about the Simple Business Workshop. In their words,

The Simple Business Workshop is a one-day intensive seminar that will teach finance, marketing and operations skills and methods to creative professionals who wish to develop their freelance careers into a proper business or who have a business they wish to make more effective.

It's being presented by Sproutit, which is a web applications development company and they feature a bunch of case studies not only from their own experience but from others as well, including fellow Ottawan, Derek Featherstone.

They have three events coming up and if you happen to be in the area of any of them and are an entrepreneur, it might be worthwhile to check it out.

  • San Diego, July 25
  • Houston, August 15
  • Chicago, September 14

On a related note, it looks like Jeremy Keith's Carson Workshop has been cancelled which appears to mean no presentation at Webvisions either.

Published June 28, 2006 · Updated September 14, 2006
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WD Milner said on June 30, 2006

While it sounds like a good way to be introduced to the various subject areas, I'd have to say (being 3 courses away from a commerce degree concentrating in accounting and finance) that there is no way to sufficiently cover any one of those topics in proper detail in a week, let alone all of them in one day. It can only provide the most basic examination and provide enough information to lead a student to more comprehensive sources. Cases studies are best used to illustrate the use and application of processes and techniques currently being learned. Might be a good motivator though!

James John Malcolm (AkaXakA) said on July 02, 2006

I'll have to back WD Milner up on that.

A one day course will never be enough to learn what you need to know. If you go to such a seminar, don't get caught up too much, but keep level-headed, keep notes and try to discern what you still need to learn after the course.

Special note on case studies: They are examples - don't mistake them as proper empirical research.

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