Triple Interview at Fadtastic

Johan Van Den Rym over at Fadtastic took the time to interview myself, Robert Nyman, and Dustin Diaz. My answers seem almost curt in comparison to Nyman and Dustin.

Published March 29, 2006 · Updated September 14, 2006
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Johan said on March 29, 2006

Thanks for all your concise and valuable input. As far the comments go, all three of you are well appreciated for your efforts.

Dustin Diaz said on March 29, 2006

I had to look up curt to see what you mean.
The way I saw it was that you just had better answers with fewer words, and for that, I give you much more props.

Jonathan Snook said on March 29, 2006

Curt is my word of the day. Mind you, I've used the word moot way too often today.

Johan said on March 29, 2006

I understood curt rightaway (in Flemish that would be kort (-af)), moot was a new word (so looked it up).

The guy running Fadtastic is Andrew Faulkner - he is the man. I just contributed as all it took was send an e-mail and suddenly I became an author. I knew Phil Renaud from his websites, he writes a lot. He is a philosophy student and you can really see that influence shining through.

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