Upcoming Carson Workshops

Looking to brush up on your AJAX or DOM Scripting? Well, if you plan on being in London (UK) or New York you might be interested in the following Carson Workshops. They're quite reasonably priced, too, considering the hands-on knowledge you'll get out of these. Maybe they'll do a session up here in Canada sometime. (or maybe I can convince Derek Featherstone to do one with me here in Ottawa.)

Building Web Apps with Ajax
Dylan Schiemann (Dojo Toolkit)
29th June, 2006

Make the Jump to Ajax and DOM Scripting
Jeremy Keith (Clearleft)
6th July, 2006

Published May 25, 2006 · Updated May 25, 2006
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baldo said on May 25, 2006

well... why dont read an online tutorial instead of spending money and time to go there?

Jonathan Snook said on May 25, 2006

Workshops can be quite advantageous as you have an environment in which to see how others approach practical problems and to be able to discuss issues in a peer environment.

For me personally, I've rarely had an office environment where I had that kind of sounding board. A workshop would be a great place for that. And Carson's workshops look specifically to industry leaders to lead these workshops. That way, you've got a higher likelihood of receiving quality material — something that people don't always have the time to know-how to acquire themselves.

Johan said on May 26, 2006

- not every attendant will have the same amount of pre-knowledge about JS, Javascript. For some it will be *Yawn, I know that already and for others *This is too much to handle*.
- The long-term effect : will a workshop give you all answers? No, it will let you in some ideas but not the whole picture.
- Attendants should be assesed to be beginner, intermediate or high level.

- Preferrable are classes spread over a period of time, hat will permit to go in-depth the material, permit evaluation and ultimately an exam to see you mastered any skill or parts of it.

Ryan Carson said on May 26, 2006

Baldo - Reading online tutorials is fine, but it will never give you the in-depth knowledge you'll pick up at a workshop. Being able to ask questions is invaluable!

Jonathan - thanks for letting your readers know about us!

Johan - Because we only invite the best of the best to speak at our workshops (ie Eric Meyer, Dave Shea, Cal Henderson, Thomas Fuchs, etc), the value of the content is very high. Sure, everyone is at a slightly different level, but based on feedback forms, 95% of the attendees find the workshops extremely valuable.

Johan said on May 26, 2006

>everyone is at a slightly different level


>95% of the attendees find the workshops extremely valuable.

there is no doubt a workshop is "a" valuable method to pick up things.

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