Getting Personal

For years this has been a blog about web development. I no longer have any desire to talk about it and that is evidenced by the lack of posts in years.

I’ve been unsure what to do with this space. I believe in maintaining personal links and don’t want the long history of tips and tricks to just disappear. My colour contrast checker is still used to this day. My articles on various topics have been linked to throughout the years and while much of what I wrote is now completely irrelevant, some of it isn’t.

My personal journal of web development—documenting the things I learned along the way—has come to an end. My personal journal—of just me—is about to start. The smattering of posts during the pandemic were a hint of that.

If you are still subscribed to my feed in hopes that more web development articles will appear and have no interest in anything else, then now is probably a good time to unsubscribe. It’s unlikely I’ll write more on the topic.

Welcome to whatever comes next.

I say “whatever” because I am still unsure what that looks like. Questions I’ve been asking myself a lot recently are about how much of my personal life do I want to make public. What stories are appropriate to tell? How much of my travels, of the restaurants I go to, of my dating are relevant to the world at large?

Part of me thinks that being open means that others—partners, friends, acquaintances, strangers—get a truer sense of me. Part of me thinks it’s none of their business and if they want to know, I can share my life with them individually. What a partner should see is very different than what a stranger should see.

All of this is an effort to get to know myself better and while I can spend the whole time in my head, writing it down might help me process what I’m currently struggling with, whether it’s my actions, reactions, ego, self-doubt, or figuring out what the future might look like.

Time will tell what this eventually turns into.

Published July 10, 2023
Categorized as Personal
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