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As mentioned in my talking about feeling uneasy, I applied for a job. Thankfully, I got that job.

As of today, I work for Abstract. I’m hopping on board as a front-end developer. The company is still small enough that I hope to make an impact beyond just code. One of the things that attracted me to Abstract was the similarities to Shopify when I first started working there.

It is small but growing quickly, and full of passionate design-focused people working to build a fantastic product. Being small means the opportunity to wear many hats, to help craft the product from not only a technical perspective but from a design and vision perspective, too.

Another factor that attracted me to Abstract was the fact that not only do they allow for remote work, a large part of the company works remote. As an advocate for remote work for many years, I’m happy to see more companies like Abstract embrace it.

Ever since working at Yahoo!, I’ve had a desire to work on design and development tooling. Back then, building a prototype engine—a tool for bridging the gap between design and development—has helped fuel my career for nearly a decade since.

While I had always imagined working on my own product, I could never seem to will myself to build it. Other people’s deadlines seem to work much better as motivation.

As such, I am excited to work on a product that I believe in a product space that excites me with a great group of people.

Published December 03, 2018
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