On hiatus

I'll be taking a quick break folks. I'm heading on vacation next week (yay!) and between preparing for that and getting last minute work stuff done, I haven't been able to post anything new this week. Therefore, it'll have to wait until I get back. Hope to see you all back mid-October.

Published September 26, 2006
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Fredrik Wärnsberg said on September 26, 2006

Enjoy your vacation, you deserve it :)

Where are you going for vacation?

Thomas Messier said on September 26, 2006

It wouldn't be a vacation if he told you. Been watching too many bloody movies. Wait a minute, no I haven't... Btw, the design of your site is awesome Fredrik.

Kumar said on September 26, 2006

Where you going? I'm heading off to HK for a competition! Not quite a vacation, but almost!

Fredrik, that is a nice site!

Peter Flaschner said on September 27, 2006

Have a great time Jonathan.

Fredrik Wärnsberg said on September 27, 2006

Thank you, Thomas! That comment might have made my day :) Kharma-points for you!

Sam said on September 28, 2006

Have a good vacation.

Matthew Anderson said on October 03, 2006

Hey, you managed to post more than I did ;) Have a good one! Take pictures.

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