Quicker Thoughts on Chips

I think Canadians and Americans might view chips differently. Reading Dave Rupert’s thoughts on chips, I realized that I classify chips differently—namely by its primary ingredient.

The Potato Chip

If you ask me for a bag of chips, I will instantly think potato chips. That’s the default. And when it comes to any chip aisle in Canada, it’ll be filled with potato chips of all flavours and brands.

Canadians are known for their ketchup and dill pickle chips which—thankfully—are easier to find in the States. Can’t forget the amazing All Dressed. How about Roast Chicken? Or Cheddar Jalapeño? Or Magic Masala? Or Chicken and Tomato?

Want to go Ruffles? Sweet and Spicy is gat damn amazing. Sour Cream n Bacon. Au Gratin.

There’s also the regular Ruffles which are fine on their own but best paired with a dip like dill pickle, french onion, or sour cream and onion.

Seriously, so many flavours. And that’s only Lay’s and Ruffles. Add in Miss Vickies and Old Dutch and all the other brands and it’s potato chip heaven. I’ll even give a hoser shoutout to Hostess Hickory Sticks.

It’s easy to forget that other types of chips exist.

The Corn Chip‌

Corn chips aren’t as popular in Canada as they are in the States. There are a couple brands, and I usually go for Tostitos’ restaurant style or hint of lime. The corn chip is really a vehicle for salsa.

There’s Doritos. I agree with Dave in that they need to have a lot of flavour. Cool Ranch are a classic. (Although, oddly, I haven’t had any in 30 years. I wonder if they still taste as good as I remember?)

Sun Chips, which are corn based, are decent but not amazing. It’s like whole wheat or rye bread. Interesting from time to time but it’s not white bread. I ain’t making a grilled cheese sandwich with a loaf of whole wheat.

I think the superiority of the potato chip over the corn chip is clear.

The Not Chip Chips

Where I think Dave’s analysis surprises me is the inclusion of things that, to me, aren’t chips. Cheetos and pretzels fall into the same category as popcorn. It’s like nuts or jujubes or chocolate. Clearly not chips. They’re snacks, but not chips. Even Pringles, while made of potatoes and in the shape of a chip, I find questionable in calling them chips.


Miss Vickie’s original are my current go-to, followed by Lay’s Bar-B-Q (which taste different than American barbecue chips, being sweeter and less smoky) and Lay’s Dill Pickle.

Hooboy, I’m getting hungry.

Published January 16, 2024
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