This Too Shall Pass

I’ve heard this phrase many times over the years. Whenever someone is going through a tough time, someone else might say “this too shall pass” as a way to let them know that this is temporary and that better times are ahead.

I had been struggling with my mental health, and in a reactive state for a long time. Through a lot of therapy and a lot of journalling, I find myself in a better place right now. I feel more at ease, more able to relax, and my productivity has been improving.

I was watching an actor roundtable and in it, Tom Hanks makes reference that this too shall pass. “You feel great? You feel like you know all the answers? You feel like everybody finally gets you? This too shall pass.”

It’s important to me to recognize that when I’m at my worst, this too shall pass, and also recognize that when I’m at my best, this too shall pass.

It’s helping me to appreciate where I am right now—to feel more in the moment. Which is something that I realized, through therapy, that I’ve been chasing. Whether it’s coding, or going to a fancy restaurant, or having a cigar, or meditation, or making an espresso, each thing was an exercise in being present.

I don’t know that I’ve figured out why that feeling is important to me and why I chase it but I do like the feeling. I will almost assuredly have difficult times ahead and, like these calm, happy moments, those too shall pass.

Published July 24, 2023
Categorized as Personal
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