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Playing catch-up on a few links:

I love logo design and Be A Design Group covers the common art of placing vowels inside an uppercase C in I Would Like To Buy a Vowel (Inside a C).

Robert Nyman put together ASK - AJAX Source Kit. It's designed to create progressive enhancement of a page with AJAX. Don't leave your non-JavaScript (or non-AJAX) users out in the cold.

On a similar note, Kyle Kneath of Warspire wrote AJAX Tamed: Where HTML and the DOM Meet.

Last night I went to the Ottawa Group of Ruby Enthusiasts (OGRE) and met with Tobi, along with Scott and Cody (I hope that's what his name is — I'm so bad with names), of JadedPixel. They recently released Vision, a tool for creating templates for the soon to be released Shopify (which I can't wait to see). By the way, you can win a gigabyte nano if you submit a design.

Also at last night's meet, we got to see a presentation of Devshop. It's a project management application designed for software (and web development) shops. I won't question the irony of a .NET application being presented at a Ruby meetup. :) It's a really cool product, well-designed, with lots of fantastic features. It was a clear example of where more-is-more. Too bad the site doesn't have much info on it yet.

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Craig Fitzpatrick said on February 23, 2006

The web site is coming! Justin Palmer and I are on the case! Gimme 3 weeks.

I was so glad that no-one threw a donut or beer bottle at me for presenting a .NET app at a Ruby meeting... Talk about living dangerously!

Craig Fitzpatrick said on March 17, 2006

The new Devshop.com site is up. There's a lot more background for anyone interested. Still pre-release though...

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