My buddy Chris Murphy launches his blog farfromfearless.com. I love his design.

Published November 14, 2006
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Short URL: https://snook.ca/s/719


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Carl Camera said on November 15, 2006

Fantastic site. My suggestions for improvement would be 1. remove display of email addresses of folks who comment and 2. the double navigation across the top and on the right seems redundant. I'd lose one or the other.

You're not partial to the green/gray/white are you, Jon? :-)

Jonathan Snook said on November 15, 2006

Carl: You might be right. ;) That green gets me every time!

I definitely agree that email addresses need to be nixed and I've let him know to get that fixed up.

Ryan Brooks said on November 15, 2006

I LOVE IT! Soooo slick. Well, looks like another feed is getting added to my list!

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