Prototype 1.5.0 Released

Hot on the heels of the recent jQuery release, Prototype has hit 1.5.0 and now has it's own site. Not only that, but a whole team has been working on documentation. That's right, official documentation!

Go on and read the official announcement. That's right, they even have a blog!

Published January 18, 2007
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Nathan Smith said on January 18, 2007

Nice! Now, if only the Cake documentation was as user-friendly. :)

qureyoon said on January 18, 2007

great news ! finally :)
and a blog ?! kewl !

Steve Oliveira said on January 18, 2007

Very good news. The site is also very pleasant on the eyes.

Lorenz said on January 19, 2007

great!!! nice site + docs for a really nice toolkit!

I can't wait to put my handy on the new 1.5 release...

Anthony said on January 19, 2007

Version 1.5.0_rc2 was already very nice, but official 1.5.0 AND official api docs is great indeed!

Lance Fisher said on January 19, 2007

Wow, with documentation I may actually get around to trying it out.

Matthew Sanders said on January 20, 2007

Documentation is going to make me really happy.

Poncho said on January 23, 2007

Sweet, it looks pretty nice with chainability & some tasty new string methods. The team have done a fine job with the framework and the docs. It's a pity prototype doesn't have a compressed version for download though. ~70kb is a bit much to ask our users to download for every website they go to.

I'll be sticking with jQuery (at 19kb), until I find a viable reason not to. I'm totally in love with it :-)


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