Quick Link: Ajax Edit in Place using Prototype

Joseph Scott offers up a new version of his Ajax Edit in Place using Prototype script. Comes in at 3.6k uncompressed in addition to the Prototype Library.

Published June 10, 2006 · Updated September 14, 2006
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Dan Rubin said on July 25, 2006

ok, your session at WebVisions must have been better than I thought, since now I'm looking at things like this and thinking "I wonder why he couldn't use a custom namespace?" - I still don't know JS worth shite, but thanks to you I have a better understanding of the concepts involved in optimizing the code (downloading the slides now for further review...)

Of course, I'm stumped about how one would further optimize or improve EIP, but I'm also curious: would you improve it, and how?

Jonathan Snook said on July 25, 2006

Hey Dan, check out my response.

GEyKtSyjR3 said on October 26, 2006

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