Anonymous Functions in PHP

Anonymous functions to make their way into PHP? I'd like it. (via)

Published May 20, 2007
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Pat said on May 20, 2007

lol, what I like is the following quote by the guy who is implementing it:

"However, his real question was whether anonymous functions should be part of PHP at all."

Either way, I would like to see this as well.

Michael Jackson said on May 20, 2007

Would be nice to use in something like:

$my_var = preg_replace_callback($regex, function(match){
  return strtolower(match[0]);
}, $string);

Wow...that looks a lot like JavaScript.

CTAPbIu_MABP said on May 21, 2007

Great news
i'd like also to have a way to add anonymous func to null object

$obj = (object) NULL;
// or tha same - $obj = new stdClass();

now i can add properties to this object

$value = 'string';
$obj->properties = $value;

but i cant add methods like this

$obj->method = create_function('','return 'this is class method';');

it will be very use full to create objects on fly in this way.

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