Quick Link: How Big Companies Can Innovate

Kareem Mayan talks of Mike Davidson's departure from Disney and the innovation that can and should exist in big companies (and I would add, should exist in small companies, too!)

Published November 12, 2005 · Updated September 14, 2006
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Ben Kennedy said on November 12, 2005

"Newsvine ... incentivizes hyperlocal journalism"????! Two made-up words side by side in the first paragraph...I almost stopped reading after that. :o

The article summarizes some valid ideas, but offers nothing earth-shattering. Fundamentally, large companies (particularly publicly-held ones) have the main goal of keeping their fiscal momentum. Innovation is secondary, where it is useful to help achieve that goal. Small companies on the other hand need to grow to become profitable, so the need to innovate to capture new market is self-evident.

kareem said on November 14, 2005

Ben: definition of incentivize. And, should have put a space between hyper and local. ;)

Getting better at idea generation doesn't have to be earth-shattering; sometimes, it's a matter of executing on the small stuff (saying no to the devil's advocates, for example).

And I'd argue that innovation will help a big company keep their fiscal momentum by discovering and growing new market opportunities before their competitors do.


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